Poetry & Essay

With Only Words“It is a most vulnerable and intemperate act…”

Night Train Passing — “Shrouded in the night, a distant, solitary train…”

Missouri River Rites — “Dawning ascension, light transforms…”

Wings of Hope — “In the morning—just before the dawning…”

The Breaking Wave — “Wave, oh wave upon breaking wave I know you well…”

Amore — “Oh love, this heart is torn by your song played on the strings of my heart…”

Find the Day — “Tumbling heart-struck over common sense…”

What Is — “What is is sometimes what is…”

The Time of Our Life — “The creation of fulfillment and meaning in my life…”

In Memory of Hope — “Where has hope retreated to…?

Leaving Land Behind — “We set off on this journey knowing that…”

Heart and Soul Like You — “Peace who are you, who holds the calm…”

Love’s Music — “Is it the bell from which the music rings?”

Permuting Time — “Eyes of impetuous, mortal judgment…”

New-Moon Light — “New moon shining, mere imaginings of light…”

Longing — “When I awoke this morning my need for you ached within me…”

Mortality — “…And a shadow passes before him…”

Reflections — “I look upon you, lying quietly in my arms…”

Run Deep This Course — “I look upon you, lying quietly in my arms…”

Tenderness and Might — “Grace upon wondrous grace…”

Through the Storm — “Jesus, please keep me…”

The Day You Were Born — “When I was ten, I dreamed of a girl…”

The Search for Home — “…a common thread running through the heart…”

This Time — “If, as in a vision in the night…”

When Hope is Lost — “Concrete and steel join plate and bar…”

Words — “…we alone are the gatekeepers…” 

Our God Is — “Father for the fatherless…”

The Morning Light — “…and night is fleeing…”

The Lamb is the Light — “And the Lamb is the light thereof…”


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