The Time of Our Life


The creation of fulfillment and meaning in my life is not dependent on the occurrence of the right actions by the right people or the right events, but rather on the interaction I incorporate with people and events, and the benefit I elicit from them. My expectations, attitude and response will elicit either growth and fulfillment, or defeat, retreat, and despair. There is little middle ground; numb is not merely stasis, it is retreat.

No matter the circumstances around us, this is the time of our life. There is no other time or place than the “now.” The opportunities and elements that will enable us to achieve that for which we are hoping and dreaming, are unfolding all about us every day.

The key to success in this life is not in receiving a good break; it is in showing up, listening, and paying attention to the “now.” It is believing and embracing, as fact, that there are endless opportunities for growth and discovery all about us—and then, placing ourselves in God’s care and purpose, exercising the initiative and courage to act upon them.

Thomas Fideler

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