Heart and Soul, Like You

Peace who are you,
Who holds the calm
While this storm rages
About the ship of my life,
Testing every sail and stay,
Pounding from bow to stern
Every plank that is assailable?

Hope, how did you come
To possess resolute sight,
To see the rising that is not yet
As though it is come in fullness,
Who, in tempestuous days
Of darkness, foam and surge,
Sees the way in unobstructed light?

Love, how do you
Burn with perfect ardor,
Spurned, you yet pursue,
Requiting mercy for hate,
Compassion in the face of railing,
Rendering grace and life,
With never failing love?

Give me your peace to hold the calm,
While the storm rages about me,
And hope to see beyond the darkness,
Unfailing love that extends
Beyond what I see and hear,
That reaches out and embraces,
Heart and soul, like you.

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© 2019 Thomas B. Fideler

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