Leaving Land Behind

We set off on this journey knowing that
We would be sailing far from land,
Far from all the human support
On which we have come to depend.
Our eyes scan the horizon, but
Our gaze is met in every direction
by the rise and fall of the sea.

Hour after hour our ship slides
through surging cobalt blue water,
climbing up the slope of
each ocean swell, cresting and
surfing down headlong into
the trough of the next, and up,
and down and up and down again.

When night comes, we steer our course
by aligning our mast to
the stars and frequently adjust
to compensate for perpetual
rotation of the earth beneath;
and only a trail of foam
marks where we have been.

In these moments we are exposed,
in body, soul, and spirit;
the constant static noise and
relentless beat of our daily lives –
ceases – leaving us alone,
able to finally hear what our heart and God
have been saying all along.

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© 2019 Thomas B. Fideler

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