Learning English: Rates

Learning English is an investment in your future

First Hour Free: I want you to be happy with the fit.
Private Tutoring Rate: $25.00/Hr.
Class Rate: $20.00/hr.
Available Schedule Days: Monday – Saturday
Online Classroom: Classes are conducted online so you can learn from a location that is convenient for you.

English Learning Goal options:
Social and domestic English: Speaking English will make it easier for you to live and socially thrive in America or other English speaking countries.
Business English: English is required for most jobs in America and Canada; as well, it is the official second language in the world of international business.
Academic English: To be considered for acceptance in most American and Canadian colleges and universities, you will need to be fluent in English.
Reading and Writing English: English is the first language of media and correspondence in America, Canada, and 51 other countries.

Payment is easy using PayPal, CashApp, PushPay, or other electronic means.
Contact me to schedule classes or tutoring: tfideler@gmail.com

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