When I awoke this morning my need for you ached within me. And finally, I sequestered one fleeting moment in your presence. I was humbled; in a quiet and dear conversation of a few words, I mysteriously took into my heart and soul a measure of your pure essence, your holiness. Though slight, even this is enough; a mere residue washes through my spirit, bringing peace.

I move and speak quietly, in hushed tones, as though in the presence of an honored person, a king or head of state, but much Greater. What would be the result of coming wholly into your presence? Could I stand? Would I walk away from such an encounter changed forever, metamorphosed into your intention for my life? Would I be able to willingly, without care, relinquish the affirmations of this world that I now hold dear, and abandon the pursuit of the things and earthly rewards for the glory and joy of heaven and You?

Thomas Fideler

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